Jonestown Life Products

The all-in-one nutraceutical with a full spectrum blend of everything you need to be a Guy.
-1 Bottle (66 capsules): $66.99 
It is generally accepted that the word Adirondyke is derived from the Mohawk Indian word atiru’:dyks, which literally translates to “brush eaters.” Move mountains with Adirondyke!
-1 Bottle (66 capsules): $66.99 


Our patented male vitality blend will leave you standing tall and casting a long shadow.
Become the man you want to become with Sequoia.
-1 Capsule: $11.99 

(Due to international drug laws by the Department of ATF and Homeland Security all sales of Sequoia will be null and void, and all related funds will be legally considered charitable donations with no product being exchanged. By purchasing Sequoia you agree to this and all Terms & Conditions, including but not limited to that included on this website)



Ladies, get your juices flowing with Niagara. 
-1 Bottle (66 capsules): $66.99



Sleep like a baby all night and then… who knows    -1 Bottle (66 capsules): $66.99



For the plan of your life and the life of your plan, handle it with Plan-Bien. 
-1 Bottle (1000 capsules): $3.99



Stop Doodoo Headache dead in its tracks.
-1 Bottle (88 capsules): $8.99


Coati Coffee

Whether you have a long day ahead of you, or a long night behind you, Coati Coffee is there to jump you off. 
-1 gram: $40
-1 kilo: Market Price


Boot Cut Condoms

Quality condoms with a little extra wiggle room. They’re boot-cut for your pleasure, cuz you’re a Man.
-1 bushel: $12.99